Dynasty Racing League

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iRacing Oval Series Rules:


1. It is your responsibility to check the website, discord and social media for league updates.

2. If a driver(s) does not make it to a race, the driver will get no points.

a. unless the driver(s) fill out a driver absentee form

b. drivers who fills out the absentee form stating they will miss the race will receive DNS points

3. All drivers who intend on racing must fill out a race entry form prior to the due date.

4. Have fun, and race clean.

5. Any driver vocal misconduct both on and off the track will not be tolerated.

a. this includes inappropriate verbal confrontations and private messages to other drivers

b. first time, the driver(s) will be given a verbal warning and a 10 point deduction

c. second time, drivers will be put on voice chat ban for two weeks and a 25 points deduction

d. max penalty will be a two race suspension, voice ban for remainder of the season and a 40 point deduction

e. in extreme cases, driver(s) will receive voice ban for season on first offense 

6. Dynasty Racing League holds the right to remove any driver(s) from the league without an explanation.

a. this includes if the admins feel that a driver(s) is cheating, unsportsmanlike, intentionally wrecking and among other reasons

7. Please be on before the scheduled practice, qualifying and race times listed on the series page(s):

8. If the race ends under time limit, the race will end with the drivers in their current running orders.

a. finishing order will be reviewed by the admins if a driver passes another driver in the final second

Paint Schemes:

1. All paint schemes must be appropriate to all age groups and league broadcasts.

a. no profanity or inappropriate images allowed on the vehicles

2.If a paint scheme is deemed inappropriate, the driver must change their scheme immediately

a. our races are broadcasted, inappropriate schemes will not be tolerated or accepted

b. a driver(s) will not be allowed to compete until the paint scheme is changed

3. ALL vehicles must have the DRL League Series banners on their windshields.

a. drivers will have 2 races to add the banners to their vehicles before point penalties follow

b. after the second race, drivers will be given a 10 point penalty, per race, until the series banner is applied

c. if a driver(s) does not know how to apply a banner, please message an admin


1. Everyone must be respectful to the broadcaster(s) and answer their questions.

2. Please be prepared to be pulled into the "booth" at any time.

3. Profanity is prohibited at all times.

a. this means no swearing of any kind when being interviewed

b. 1st offense - 10 point penalty

c. 2nd offense - 25 point penalty

d. max offense - 50 point penalty

e. drivers are allowed to 'call out' others but the profanity is prohibited

Entry Fees:

1. All Entry Fees are used for Dynasty Racing League purposes only.

a. entry fees are used for league sessions, broadcasts, website and league series & race payouts

2. Drivers may pay for the full season or per race basis.

3. Drivers will not receive their entry fee back for any reason.


1. All prizes will be paid out via iRacing credits.

2. All physical prizes will be sent out to their appropriate winners.

3. Award amounts may vary depending on the series.

Driver Requirements:

1. All drivers must meet the series requirements to participate in the series they would like to run in.

a. minimum C class license and over 1000 IR for league participation

2. Drivers must have a working microphone to race.

3. Hard wired internet is highly recommended.

a. if a driver(s) is having blinking and lagging issues during a race, the driver will be asked to fix the issue

a. 1st time is a warning

b. 2nd time is an EOL or drop to back under green

c. 3rd time is removal from the race


1. A driver who wants to compete in a 'Cross-Series' race(s) must complete the race entry form(s) for the race(s) the driver wants to run in.

a. drivers must be participating in a minimum of 80% of the races in their points series to be eligible to compete in a 'Cross-Series' race

2. Drivers must submit a race entry form for each race they want to compete in.

2. Race entry forms are due by Saturday at 11:59 pm EST of the current race week.

3. NO race entry forms will be accepted before or after the window.

4. Any driver(s) that did not fill out a form in time will not be able to compete in the 'Cross-Series' race.

Absentee Form:

1. The absentee form will be available to submit up until 9:00 pm eastern on the series race night each week.

2. Any driver(s) that do not fill out the form before 9:00 pm est will not be eligible for points in the current weeks race.

3. Any questions regarding the absentee form please contact us at anytime.


1. If a driver would like to compete in a series race they are not in the championship for, the driver(s) must fill out the race form stating that they would like to compete.

a. example: cup driver wanting to race in a truck race.

b. the driver(s) must be participating in at least 80% of their own points series to be eligible to compete

2. Grand National Series drivers may compete in 5 different Truck Series races in a season.

3. Truck Series drivers may compete in 5 different Grand National Series races in a season.

4. Playoff races in all three series will be off limits for drivers not competing in the series for championship points.

5. Drivers do not have to compete in the other series if they do not want too.

6. Drivers will have to qualify their way into the race.

a. any driver that submit a race entry form

b. any driver outside of the Top 35

7. Drivers who are earning points and are inside the Top 35 of the standings will have until 8:45 pm EST to join the official league race session before their spot is available to the drivers who attempted to qualify their way into the event.

a. those drivers are the non-point series drivers and those outside of the Top 35

8. The non-point series driver(s) will be invited to the 'league' series so they may compete in the race they signed up for.

a. the non-point driver(s) will be removed post race and re-invited the next time they sign up to race


1. Points will be awarded based on finishing position in the race event.

a. point format will be displayed on the standings page

2. Bonus points per race include: 1 point for leading a lap, 1 point for leading the most laps, 2 points for 0x and 5 points for completing the race.

3. Bonus points will be awarded to the winner of the "regular season" for the playoffs.

a. the winner of the "regular season" will be given 5 bonus points

4. Bonus points will  be awarded to the playoff drivers for any regular season race wins they had.

a. the driver will receive 3 bonus points per race win

b. race win bonus points will continue throughout the playoffs

5. Any driver(s) that fill out an absentee form will receive DNS points for the event that the driver(s) miss.

a. DNS points will be 10 points less than the final place finisher in the race

b. if there is a full field, the driver(s) will receive 1 point for DNS

Racing Lobby:

1. Race Length: based on series

a. practice: 60 minutes

b. qualifying: 2 laps, 5 or 10 minutes

2. Damage - ON

3. Cautions - iRacing system

a. Race Control cautions will be called out if a wreck is not picked up by the iRacing system

b. full course caution with lucky dog

4. Flags - ON

a. black flags will be cleared if the system gives a driver(s) a flag that is not necessary

b. those flags will include, wrecking into the pits from the gass (ex. Charlotte) and passing under yellow (ex. entering the pits)

5. Assists - OFF

6. Setups - Fixed

7. Incident Soft Limit:

- 1 mile and shorter - 15x

- 1.5 mile and larger -12x

- Road Course - 22x

8.Weather - Dynamic

9. Race order - Qualifying

10. Max Fuel - 100%

11. Fast Repairs - No

12. 0% Track State.

a. track conditions will reset for each session (practice to qualifying to race).

13. 43 drivers max per lobby

14. All drivers will have until qualifying starts to join the lobby before the race will start.

15. If a driver exits the race in any form, the driver will be allowed to rejoin as soon as they can.

16. Any driver that joins a race they did not submit a race entry form for will be removed immediately.

a. if problem continues, race suspensions will follow


1. 40 drivers max will race per lobby.

a. Top 33 in series points standings are Locked-In

b. any driver below 33rd in the points will have to qualify their way into the race

2. Drivers will have 2 laps, 5 minutes to complete their qualifying run.

3. Every driver MUST qualify, any driver that does not attempt to set a lap will receive a drive thru penalty.

a. if the driver(s) do make a true attempt at a lap but get an incident point(s) on both laps they will avoid the penalty

4. Any driver(s) that is not online before the qualifying session starts may attempt a lap before the time runs out.

a. the driver(s) will start at the rear of the field

b. any driver(s) that get cut will still receive DNS points plus one extra point

5. Drivers that do not make the race will not receive points.

a. unless the driver(s) submits an absentee form that they will not be racing that certain race

6. Any time that is lagged (for the better) the drivers lagged lap time will be disallowed.

a. the drivers first legal lap will be their qualifying time

b. if the driver lap is lagged for the pole, their time will fall to the drivers second best lap time

7. No EOL's will be given during the gridding.

a. start where you qualify, if you do not want to start in pack, set a really slow lap time

8. Drivers can not pull over in the pits to start in the rear.

a. any driver(s) that pull over will be given a 1 lap penalty

9.  If a driver(s) start the race on pit road, the driver(s) will be given a 1 lap penalty. All drivers must start the race, on track, behind the pace car.

a. only exception is if a driver disconnects and misses the start entirely


1. Wreckless driving will result in point deductions and a suspension, then ejection if the problem continues.

a. 15 points deduction and 1-3 race suspension, point deduction is subjected with suspension length (15 points per race)

b. 5 race suspension - 2nd time

c. ejection from the league - 3rd time

d. wreckless driving is defined as "wrecking one or multiple drivers before, during or after the race has concluded, intentionally or unintentionally. To intentionally or unintentionally  cause a caution. Causing wrecks multiple times throughout the race and also driving all over the track, causing a liability to the drivers around them.

2. When lead cars are coming up to a lap car it is the lap car drivers responsibility to recognize the leaders and to work with them to let them by.

a. lowest or highest line possible, on the apron if in a turn

b. failure to do so will result in a pass through penalty

c. repeated offensives will result in a 2 race suspension

3. Drivers should, but are not required to, announce multiple times if they are pitting and must get as far away from the track surface as possible (apron).

4. If a driver is pulling onto the track from the pits, they must stay below the apron of the track and blend in on the backstretch.

a. at Watkins Glen and Sonoma, drivers must blend in as safely as possible

5. Calling out for a Race Control caution when it is not needed will result in a points penalty.

a. every caution will be reviewed during and after the race

b. unnecessary cautions will result in a 10 point penalty per caution

6. If a driver is asked to leave a race the driver will have 5 laps to comply with that order.

a. if the driver doesn’t not leave after the fifth lap the driver will be kicked and disqualified from the race and a points deduction and suspension will follow

b. 70 point deduction

c. 2 race suspension

7. The soft incident limit will be 12x for the Truck Series and 13x for the GN Series, any driver that receives a disqualification on multiple occasions will result in penalties.

a. 10 point penalty per race that results in a disqualification

b. 3 disqualifications will result in a 2 race suspension

c. if a driver(s) receives a disqualification, the driver(s) will receive points for the position they finish

8. Every driver is responsible for holding their brakes when involved in a wreck.

a. failure to do so will result in a 1 lap penalty

b. the driver(s) will also have an EOL penalty in the next race

c. repeat offense will result in a one race suspension

9. If a driver(s) becomes loose and/or spins out on the track it is their responsibility to regain control and get going as quickly and safely as possible.

10. It is up to the driver(s) to decide whether their car is "unfit" to compete at a comfortable level.

a. the driver(s) must leave the race if they feel they are "unfit" to compete

b. the driver(s) will still receive points in the position that they finish in

c. the driver must start in the back of the pack if their car can not maintain race pace

d. if the driver will not be wise and try to compete, then an admin will give them an EOL

11. If a driver drives backwards, slows up to find a driver and or purposely sits on the track surface to cause a wreck, the driver will be suspended indefinitely from the league.

12. If a driver causes unnecessary contact with another competitor, that driver will serve an EOL in the next race.

13. Any driver that is SIGNIFICANTLY down on horsepower MUST report to Race Control that their vehicle is down on power.

a. Significantly down on horsepower is defined as: Having so much lack in horsepower that the driver cannot launch properly on a restart which creates a major stacking of the field, impeding the other drivers speeds - Having such a lack in horsepower that the driver is not able to keep up with the race pace

b. Race Control will EOL the driver(s) who are significantly down on power every restart in the race

c. If a driver does NOT report their vehicle is significantly down on power, the driver(s) will serve a drive-thru penalty under green

d. If it is the final restart of the race and the driver did not report, the driver will receive an EOL in the finishing order

e. If Race Control fails to EOL the driver(s) on the restart, the driver(s) will not have to serve a penalty


1. If a driver(s) purposely bring out a caution the driver(s) will be given a five lap penalty and a point deduction. Suspension if the problem continue.

a. All cautions will be under review post-race and will be determined by race control if the caution was done purposely or not

b. 35 point deduction

c. 2 race suspension and 50 point deduction for second offense

d. 3 race suspension on their third+ offense

2. If a driver intentionally wrecks a competitor that is still in the running, that driver will be disqualified and suspended.

3. Absolutely no intentionally bumping competitors into the pits to give them a black flag.

4. Any driver(s) that speed up to enter pits and receives a 'passing under yellow' penalty will have to serve the penalty.

5. Any wreck that impacts a driver(s) speed on track is a caution.

a. this includes accidentally spinning someone due to a "Net Code"

b. also getting turned while racing for position

c. at a road course, 2 or more drivers must of spun out or have wrecked to be considered a caution

6. Any driver(s) that fools around and causes problems while the field is under caution will be penalized.

a. 1st offense is an EOL

b. 2nd offense is a drive thru penalty, under green

c. max offense is 1 race suspension

d. If a driver does not comply to the drive thru penalty, the drive will be suspended 3 races, then 5, then suspended indefinitely

7. Every driver involved in a wreck, single car or multi-car will be under official review after the race by the race admins.

a. any driver(s) that gets disqualified due to Incident Points limit will still get points

8. Any caution via a 'Racing Incident' will result in an EOL for the driver at fault.

a. a driver(s) must admit blame, if no driver(s) want to admit, the incident will be reviewed and the driver(s) will be given a 5 point penalty after the race

9. Any caution after the 6th caution (7th+ Caution) of the race, before the half way point - RC may use a 30 second hold for the driver at fault if the caution was because of an Egregious Act.

a. if the 7th+ caution is after the half way point, RC may assign an EOL or 30 second hold depending on the incident

b. if a driver(s) has an issue with a penalty served to them, wait until AFTER the race, RC holds the right to mute and or remove any driver(s) arguing with their decision

c. Race Control has the right to assign any penalty how ever they deemed fit for the situation at hand

RC Rulings:
1. Soft 'ghost' X limit - 12x at all tracks but road courses (22x).

a. RC may remove a driver(s) who cause multiple wrecks or are a hazard on track, earning 12+ X, 22+ X at road courses

2. Driver(s) must admit fault for a caution.

a. If no driver(s) admits it was their fault, Race Control will determine who is at fault for the caution and the driver(s) will be penalized accordingly

3. Any caution via a 'Racing Incident' will result in an EOL for the driver at fault.

4. Any caution via an 'Egregious Act' will result in a 30 second hold for the driver at fault.

a. Ex: Dive bombing, Failure to Attempt to Pass Clean, Failure to Hold Line, Failed Bump and Run, Purposely Wrecking Someone

5. Any caution after the 6th caution (7th+ Caution) of the race, before the half way point will result in a 30 second hold for the driver at fault.

6. If the 7th+ caution is after the half way point, RC may assign an EOL or 30 second hold depending on the incident

7. If a driver(s) has an issue with a penalty served to them, wait until AFTER the race, RC holds the right to mute and or remove any driver(s) arguing with their decision.

8. Race Control has the right to assign any penalty how ever they deemed fit for the situation at hand.


1. All restarts will begin between the pace car passing the pit road line and the drop of the green flag.

2. Anyone caught jumping the restart will be given a drive-thru penalty.

a. if a driver(s) jumps but gives back the position(s) by the end of the first corner, the driver(s) will not be given a penalty

3. The control car can not start and stop or stop then start, once the leader accelerates, the drivers must go.

a. if the leader does fault, the leader will serve a drive-thru penalty.

3. Double file with lapped cars in back.

4. The leader of the race may choose whether they want to start on the Inside or the Outside lane.

a. the leader must choose before the ONE To Go lap

b. if the leader does not choose, they will be forced to restart on the inside

c. if the second place driver receives a black flag and did not jump, the black flag will be cleared

5. Drivers may not switch lanes until after the start/finish line.

a. the driver(s) will receive a drive-thru penalty

b. exception is if there is a wreck or a missed shift occurring in front of the driver(s)

6. Races will have three attempts at a G-W-C finish.

a. if the yellow flag comes out during the final G-W-C attempt, the race will end under yellow

Pit Stops:

1. All drivers must stay in the right lane until their pit stall comes up.

a. failure to do so will result in the driver(s) receiving an EOL penalty

2. Drivers are allowed 3 pit stalls to enter and exit from their own pit stall.

a. failure to do so will result in the driver(s) receiving an EOL penalty

3. When exiting the drivers pit stall, the driver(s) are responsible for getting back to the right lane as quickly as possible.

a. if there is a driver(s) in the right lane, it is up to the driver(s) to get as close to the right lane as possible with out making contact

b. failure to do so will result in the driver(s) receiving an EOL penalty

Black Flags:

1. Any penalties that are deemed necessary will be enforced in the race or the following race.

2. Any penalty given by the iRacing system that is unnecessary will be removed by the admin.

3. If a driver does not agree with a penalty, please wait until after the race to talk with league admins.


1. Penalties will be assessed by the league owner and league admins.

a. most penalties do not need picture or video evidence but some cases will

b. penalties can be reviewed by the penalized drivers

2. If a driver wants to have their post race penalty reviewed, the driver must have video or picture evidence of the incident in question.

a. if a driver does not have their evidence present, the case will be denied

3. All re-reviewed case decisions will be final.

4. Penalty offenses will reset after every season

a. except for race suspensions and expulsions

Penalty Points System:

1. The penalty points system is designed to help keep drivers in check and promote a clean racing environment.

2. Penalty Points will stay with the person for 12 months before being removed from their record.

3. Receiving 1 Point Penalties

a. 1 Point per wreck caused on track

a.a. incidents involving netcode and simply hard racing will be taken into consideration when reviewing the incidents

b. 1 Point per 17x race

c. 1 Point for failure to admit fault for causing a wreck

c.a. along with the 1 point, the driver will receive any other penalties applicable to the offense

d. 1 Point for vocal or physical driver misconduct on or off the track

d.a. along with the 1 point, the driver(s) will receive any other penalties applicable to the offense

4. Receiving 2 Point Penalties

a. 2 Points per every 100x accumulated in season.

5. Removing Penalty Points

a. drivers may earn the ability to remove 1 penalty point per every 5 consecutive races with less than 4x

b. drivers can not earn negative points on their record

6. Results For Too Many Point Penalties-

a. 10 Points will result in a 1 race suspension

b. 20 Points will result in a 1 season Ban


1. Each series will have a playoff system.

a. any driver with a win, who is also in the Top 25 of the standings, and attended 80 percent of the races, will be locked into the playoffs

b. the driver(s) with the most points in the standings will fill in the rest of the playoff spots

c. a driver(s) that joins mid-season must have competed in 10 races in order to be eligible for the playoffs via points earned

2. For a driver(s) to be eligible for the 'win and in' benefit, the driver(s) with a win must enter 80 percent of the regular season.

a. if a driver with a win does not compete in 80 percent of the races, however, has enough earned points and competed in 10 races, will make the playoffs based on their points

3. The playoffs will be seven races long.

4. Drivers may compete for only one series championship.

5. In the result of a tie in the points in the standings, the tie breaker will be the most wins between the drivers in the regular season

a. secondary tie breaker will be the most top 5's

b. if there is a tie during the playoffs, the tie breaker will go to the driver with the better finish in that particular round

c. if both drivers have the same finish, it will go to more Top 5's in the round, then total playoff Top 5's

6. The winner of the "regular season" will be awarded 5 bonus points.

7. Any playoff driver that wins a race in the regular season or playoffs will be awarded 3 bonus points, per race, for the playoffs.

8. If a playoff driver(s) wins a race in any playoff round, the driver(s) will be locked into the next round only if the driver(s) compete in all three races in the round.

9. The only bonus points in the playoffs will be for race wins, lap led and most laps led.

a. this means the 0x bonus and completed race bonus will be discontinued

10. All bonus points will be discontinued during the final race at Phoenix.